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.Rose Hill Revival features veteran Chicago-area professional musicians who share a mutual love for the iconic southern rock sounds of the Allman brothers. Rose Hill Revival offers a true Allman Brothers experience by blending stellar vocals with the signature slide and harmony guitar riffs that defined the Allman Brothers’ sound.  Allman Brothers music encompasses country, blues, jazz, rock — they are the band that invented Southern Rock. “Rose Hill Revival” keeps the torch going, playing all the favorites, just the way you remember them. If you liked listening to “Live at The Fillmore East”, Eat A Peach, and the Brothers first 2 albums,  you’re going to love seeing “Rose Hill Revival!”

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The Allman Brothers Bands are the originators of what has come to be known as southern rock. They made and formed history by being the pioneers of a genre of music that is truly an   American artform. We've made it our mission to keep this distinctly American musical treasure alive by performing the music of the original jam band, The ABs. A fusion of blues, rock, jazz and soul combined to make what is known as southern rock. Greg A was one of the premier songwriters of this generation, and his and Betts songs are timeless. Their reworkings of old blues songs have become icons of American musical history. Duane pioneered the use of slide guitar and his impact on American music will be felt for generations indefinitely....

About Us

Kevin Purcell grew up steeped in Chicago blues and inspired by Southern rock. Years of playing have

Kevin Purcell

Kevin Purcell grew up steeped in Chicago blues and inspired by Southern rock. Years of playing have earned Purcell his reputation as a smokin’ harmonica player, a powerful vocalist and a respected songwriter.Singer/songwriter Kevin Purcell welds the gritty, back alley sounds of Chicago blues with the back roads soul of southern rock. Purcell delivers an intense, crowd pleasing show.He’s shared the stage with many great musicians and thrives on the magical connection between performer and audience. His shows are packed with great showmanship, high energy, intimacy, soul and plain ole’ fun.He leads a band of alchemists bringing crowds to their feet. Purcell has successfully distilled the essence of his roots, the blues, and the great southern traditions that consistently enlighten us in a true and original musical experience.

Jay Kornick

Jay Kornick

By day – a monument setter, by nite – a monument. Jay’s guitar skills rival most legends. To meet Jay, he defines ‘still waters run deep”, but, to HEAR Jay play is a treat for the ears AND the mojo. Jay’s style was once described as steely and unrelenting and is highlighted by his infectious riffs – bringing out the ‘air guitar’ in every guy in the crowd. Not to mention, back in the late 70’s, early 80’s, Jay has played, and toured with John Prine.
All said, Jay plays harder than a day old biscuit.
Little known fact about Jay: Often mistaken for the “Marlboro” man

Tony Root

A long time veteran of the Chicago area music scene, he has recorded, hit the road, and shared the stage with many great musicians. His bass has laid the foundation for Kevin Purcell and the Nightburners for the last 25 years and most recently recorded and toured with 2-time Grammy nominee Gary Vincent. A stint with blues legend Son Seals is also on his resume. His bands have shared the stage with numerous groups, including Deep Purple, Gov’t Mule, Robin Trower, the Dixie Dregs, the Steve Morse Band, Ten Years After, John Entwistle, CCR, Delbert McClinton, …..  
And, he continues to lay it down and tear it up with Rose Hill Revival!

Dean Gagliardotto

I started out years ago as a drummer. When I first saw the Beatles, I thought John was much cooler than Ringo, so I wanted to learn to play guitar, and I did! I’ve been playing music in the Midwest for close to 50 years. Everything from copy bands to original music bands. My career took off when in the Taylor Compton Band (circa 1979)
While opening up for the Gatlin Brothers, their record label wanted to sign us. Sadly though, our keyboard player had to leave the band to help his Father. I’ve shared the stage with Joe Walsh, The Gatlin Brothers, but my biggest thrill was to meet, and jam with Dickey Betts (the original guitarist from the Allman Brothers)
I’ve been a huge Allman fan since 1969, and to be able to play, and converse with Dicky was a dream come true. The Allman Brothers were, and always will be in a class of their own, and this band, Rose Hill Revival is caring on that special combination of driving blues/jazz. Not only do we play Allman Brothers music, but we also explain the tale behind their music.
Their roots run deep, as does the studio work of Duane Allman, their founding member. From Wilson Picket, Eric Clapton to Laura Nero, Duane did session work with many different artists and that is what we have captured in Rose Hill Revival.
Let their music, and legacy live forever….

Bill LeClair

In 1975 I was riding in an old Chevy  Apache pick up truck with my brothers best friend, Danny Fiocchi listening to an 8 Track of The Allman Brothers “Brothers and Sisters” when I heard Chuck Leavell play that incredibly majestic piano solo in “Jessica” which was the first time music spoke to me. 5 years later, I discovered “Live at The Fillmore East”  which imprinted my soul and became my musical DNA.  From the late 80’s into the early 90’s I played in and around the Midwest in the notsofamous noninternationally known Woody Johnson Band.  In 1997 I joined Kevin Purcell and The Nightburners which brought my level of playing to new height as Kevin is a band leader that brings out the best of those round him. In 2002 I  joined Jimy Rogers and The Mauds playing festivals and shows at The Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues  as well as sold out shows at The Park West and The Ravinia Music Festival. I was also playing with Chicago Blues guitar slinger Joe Moss as well as  Milwaukee favorites The Blue Rubies, and Perry Weber and The DeVilles. I had the privilege to play with Wayne Baker Brooks for a couple of years, which opened the door to share the stage with Eddie Clearwater, Shamikia Copeland, Buddy Guy, Elvin Bishop,  as well as my original guitar hero, Lonnie Brooks.From 2007-2012 I headed up the Southern classic rock band, 8 Miles South and ultimately rejoined KP and The Nightburner's before getting a call from Dean about putting RHR together. To have opportunity to play tribute to the very music that started my musical journey,  puts me back in the passenger seat of that old Chevy pick up truck, listening to that 8 Track, every time I join my brothers in Rose Hill Revival. May this road go on forever….

Peter Kruse

From cover bands to original bands , it has been a great ride , back in the day with The Green Giants, sharing the stage with The Animals , Buckinghams , New Colony Six , Shadows of Knight to being in a well known Chicago Rock band ,Madfox , to numerous bands since then, Thrillbilly , Ragtop Rodeo , West Side Heat with Steve Arvey ,when the blues took hold . Playing with Honey Boy Edwards and Homesick James at the Porch ,Chicago Blues Fest ,to now working with Kevin Purcell and the Nightburners ,a premier hard rocking blues band with world class originals ,and now a great off shoot of that band Rosehill Revival Making its way to a festival near you I am blessed to be a part of a great group of musicians, Rosehill , is a joy , playing the Allmans like they should be played !Drumming has been a life long passion , along with singing back ups and leads , makes it all feel so right to me .

Dave Swanson

It started watching the Monkees, While listening to my parents Beatles albums And my neighbors parents Rolling Stones Albums.The first paying gig was at the Tick Tock club in Waukegan Illinois. With my friend and his father’s Country  combo playing drums.From there I branched out to other country bands That played all the popular clubs around in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s.
For anyone that has played music in this area. You find that most of the musicians are one big happy family, No matter what band they were in. Which led to sitting in with bands, sharing the stage with National and International bands, Also making many talented friends along the way.The Rose Hill Revival Band has been an eye opening experience. Being able to play percussion and sing with these Friends that I have known for years. Makes this band all that much more special.
I think The Allman Brothers would even enjoy this music..
If they weren’t
The Allman Brothers…….

Bill "RB" McGuinn

Sound Engineer, Roadie, Dancer, Waitress, Logistical expert and over all good time dude.
Bill(y) goes by many names, Road Bill, RB, Sweet William, and Meat Stick.
As a member of the Nightburners, Billy started in 2006 with the ability to carry heavy things and take direction and has evolved himself into an intrical part of the sound that is the Nightburners. With RHR Billy brings all of his years with the KPN crew, to help produce the fullest sounding, rockiest shows around.
Bill’s unique view and overall easygoing style keep the band entertained and on trajectory. His ability to continually manipulate a situation or object til he achieves the goal he is looking for is invaluable to the band.

And for our fans......

We appreciate every single one of you, from the bottom of our music loving souls. We appreciate our loyal followers, newcomers and anyone who wants to jump onto the RHR band/fan wagon!!

"Play All Night"!


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